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Spotlight photographer for actors, dancers and models. Portfolio of headshots taken in my London studio on my website hr-photographer.co.uk. Corporate, commercial and publicity photography assignment are weclome  

Harry began his photography career during the late eighties, initially learning his craft by assisting fashion and advertising photographers in London. He worked on many shoots including photographing fashion for magazines, product advertising shoots, actor’s headshots, models, dancers, presenters for publicity. . He later trained under the widely respected social and PR photography house ‘Cameos for two years where he photographed social, corporate and PR events, mostly in central London.

His passion for photography has led him to become an accomplished photographer in three divisions; publicity mainly headshots, PR and social photography. Acting as the lead photographer at social events in some of London's most prestigious venues, he now boasts a high profile client list that includes Walt Disney, Cameron Macintosh, and Time Life International, to name a few.

Harry's approach is friendly, subtle, and adaptable so that he always brings out the best in each person he photographs. He says, "Never are two people the same to photograph, each bring with them unique challenges. Sometimes the approach requires structure but often it must be formless and guided by spontaneity". He views photography as "painting with light" and believes learning his craft is a never-ending process.

He now works from his studio in Abbey Road, London as a full time photographer specializing in professional publicity photography, from actors' spotlight photos or actors' headshots as known in the entertainment industry, to dancers' portfolios & headshots for singers, opera singers, presenters and models, including bands and musicians cover albums.