Actors Headshot Prices

One hour session - Includes all proofs and three edited high resolution digital images 150
Two hour session - Includes all proofs and four edited high resolution digital images 240. Student Rate 210
Additional Images 18 each;
For all other bookings please call for a quote

Call me to book your session and you'll soon have fresh effective headshots, getting you noticed and working Tel: 07986 679 498

Actors Headshots Photographers Approach

I have found that the more relaxed actors are during a photo shoot, the more interesting the headshots are. Being open is also vital to good actors headshots.

Preparing for your Actors Headshot Shoot

When actors, singers, musicians or dancers arrive at my studio we discuss any previous headshots taken; it's good to know what you and your agent liked and what headshots work for you, but also anything that should be avoided.

Although headshots are photographs of the head and shoulders only, outfits are very important during a headshot shoot and not only visually. Actors, singers, musicians or dancers will feel very different wearing cowboy boots or trainers and ultimately these small expressions will come across in your photos. My suggestion is to bring more tops than you need, I will help you choose which ones to wear if you so wish. I will show you some examples of good actors headshots and how I achieved them, having this direction from the start can make all the difference to your final photos.

Getting a Great Actors Headshot for Spotlight

I will photograph you with studio as well as natural light. As mentioned I am a great fan of natural light. The fun and art of photography is painting with light and when used correctly natural light helps create a broad range of mood and styles.

I like to achieve a variety of looks. I use several tried and tested techniques with variations in light and background. At the end of the photo shoot you will be guaranteed a variety of good headshots.

During the headshot shoot I will show you the results immediately as we are working, you will know what you look like and if adjustments are needed. In addition I will spend time and effort to draw the best from you. Actor, singer, musician or dancer I will help you bring out the best in you.

In terms of facial composition it is interesting how different people can look depending on the angle of view and the light, I will always find aesthetic and interesting angles for your facial structure. I use digital photography and during a headshot shoot I probably take the equivalent of five rolls of film and at the end of the shoot you will have a digital contact sheet with 40 to 60 good headshots.

Actors, singers, musicians or dancers headshot sessions usually take between one and a half to two hours. In some cases this may be longer as I will work with you until you have a range of good headshots, but don't worry the price stays the same.

After the Headshot Shoot

I will digitally retouch your photos to increase their impact whilst keeping the integrity of the photograph to look like you for casting. Editing can eliminate spots, skin blemishes, stray hairs and much more, so don't worry if you have any skin blemishes as editing your pictures is included in the package

Immediately after your shoot you will have a digital contact sheet.
It's advisable to ask your agent to help you choose your headshots but if you don't have an agent I am happy to guide you on choice. Visualeyes imaging services in central London are my prefered choice for photographic reproductions, but I am happy to send the results to your chosen professional lab.

I will also send your photos to Spotlight, same day if you wish and to your agent... oh and to you of course!

Booking Times at London Studio

Most headshot photo sessions are weekdays during daylight hours, weekends by special arrangement only.

Bullet of Headshot Sessions

• All headshot sessions include studio & natural light photography
• Two-hour session or more at no additional cost
• View your photos during your shoot
• Equivalent of five rolls of film taken
• Digital retouching included
• Photos taken simultaneously in colour and black and white
• Photos provided in digital format for emailing
• Digital contact sheet supplied of all images
• Advice on choosing final headshots
• Headshots sent directly to spotlight and to your agent

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should an actor renew casting/headshot photos?

Anywhere from six months to two years, but as a rule it's best to get new fresh headshots as your look changes, i.e. growing a beard, gaining or loosing weight etc. Young actors naturally go through physical changes quicker than mature actors. I once came across an actress who hadn't changed her headshot for fifteen years and only decided to have new headshots when a casting director was infuriated when she turned up for a casting looking a completely different older woman.

What should I wear for my photo shoot?

Solid colours with simple design are best, loud designs with contrasting patterns are distracting as they take attention away from you. It's best to take a selection of clothes that are comfortable and perhaps have meaning to you.

How many outfits should I bring?

Generally it's better to bring more than less, I will help you choose suitable clothing for each series of headshots. You may not use them but it's better to have the choice.

Should I wear make-up?

Actors' photos need to be natural, so you need to wear the same make-up for a shoot as you would to a casting, this way you will look like your photo. This is very important since the casting director is meeting you based on your look as well as your talent. If you are going to wear make-up keep it light and simple and avoid wearing heavy foundation as it tends to cake. The same advice generally applies to singers, musicians and dancers, although depending on the purpose of headshot this may change.

Should I bring photos from prior shoots?

This is always useful if you do have previous photos since you can tell me what you and your agent liked or didn't like. Perhaps your previous headshot photos didn't say everything you wanted them to say and you would like to express this in the next photo shoot.

If you have any other questions I will be happy to help. Contact me